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ParaOS-DC: Parallel Optimal Directed Acyclic Graph Search Algorithm

This web page is Online Supplementary Information for

Tamada, Y. (2018) Memory Efficient Parallel Algorithm for Optimal DAG Structure Search using Direct Communication. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 119, 27-35, 2018. (Abstract & Full text)

Source files

ParaOS-DC is distributed under the 3-clause BSD license. See the "LICENSE" file in the package for details.

ParaOS-src.1.0.0.tar.gz (58,127 bytes)

See "README.en.txt" for how to compile and execute ParaOS-DC.

The implementation for gene network estimation is available at http://sign.hgc.jp/signbn/.

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Simulation data used in the computational experiments

The package below includes all the data files used in computational experiments in the paper.


The file includes dag_n16_c2_1000.txt (for n=16 and m=1000), dag_n28_c2_200.txt, dag_n28_c2_1000.txt, dag_n31_c2_200.txt, dag_n32_c2_200.txt, dag_n33_c2_200.txt, dag_n36_c2_200.txt and dag_n37_c2_200.txt.

The file also includes the obtained DAG files. The files are TAB separated files. The first line contains the score. Other lines contain the node IDs at the first column followed by their parent IDs.

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